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About us

Our history

The Roger Laberge FMG was created in 2016 and settled in the Châteauguay Medical Complex.

The naming of the FMG is in honour of Dr. Roger Laberge, a man whose legacy inspires us to daily excellence.

Dr Roger J. Laberge

The unique journey of our late colleague drove our team to honouring his legacy.

Dedicated and versatile family doctor, his benevolence was unmatched; we worked alongside an exceptional human being with outstanding charisma.

His career of over 50 years of medical practice and as a coroner for three decades has granted him many tokens of appreciation, including the National Assembly medal. He was also one of the founding members of the Anna-Laberge Hospital.

Our team

  • Family doctors

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    • Dr. Geneviève Allard
    • Dr. Pierre Boisvert
    • Dr. Élaine Caron
    • Dr. Gabrielle Deslauriers
    • Dr. Milena Dimitrova
    • Dr. Louis Gravel
    • Dr. Lauriane Masseau
    • Dr. Chantal Perreault
    • Dr. Alain Primeau
    • Dr. Mario Vachon
  • Specialized nurse practitioner (SNP)

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    • Isabelle Monast-Nadeau
  • Nurse clinician

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    • Mrs. Marie-Pascale Arsenault
    • Mrs. Karima Tamani
  • Infirmière Auxiliaire

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    • Mme Claudia Allaire
    • Mme Cindy Bissonnette
  • Other professionals

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    Social worker

    • Mrs. Alexe Chevalier


    • Mrs. Josiane Breau


    • Mrs. Lisandre Laberge-Hapetian


    • Mrs. Geneviève Séguin